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Wedding and Civil Partnership Celebrations

When you decide to get married you have so many choices of where and how to do it! Near home or abroad? In a church or a Register Office? Or in one of the many venues now licensed for weddings? Or somewhere else entirely? This is a big decision!

One option is the hold the legal part of your ceremony in the register office (or abroad) and to follow this with a larger, more inclusive ceremony with your friends and family with a celebrant. Or to have the registrar come to your venue and then to have a celebrant-led ceremony immediately afterwards. See FAQ for reasons why this might work best for you.

Celebrant-led wedding ceremonies can be written to include friends, children, or families from different cultural backgrounds or faith traditions.

Ceremonies can include secular, spiritual and/or religious elements - the choice is yours.

While all ceremonies have a level of solemnity, the degree of formality and the limits of what can be done are dictated by your tastes and imagination! I am happy to discuss and explore your ideas with you.

Before the day:

I will meet with you to discuss your ceremony. These meetings can take 2-3 hours and can be held at your chosen venue, your home, or anywhere convenient for you. 

I will send you a draft script 4-6 weeks before your ceremony. You will be able to check the script for accuracy and to talk through the practicalities of the ceremony. A full rehearsal in the venue is possible.

On the day:

I will conduct your ceremony. If  appropriate, I will liaise with venue staff to manage any music to be used. I will provide any readers with printed copies of what they will read.

After the day:

I will send you a souvenir copy of your ceremony script in a presentation folder.

To discuss your requirements, and the fees for a bespoke ceremony, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Renewal of Vows

For couples who have been married for some time, a Renewal of Vows Ceremony can be a way of marking a significant moment in their marriage.


Do you have a wedding anniversary coming up? Or would you like to mark the end of a difficult time? Or the start of an exciting new stage in your lives together?


As an independant celebrant I can ensure that your ceremony is personal and relevant. It will reflect you, your story, and your hopes as you move on with the next phase in the most important relationship in your life.

To discuss your requirements, and the price for a bespoke ceremony, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Commitment Ceremonies

Not everyone wants to get married, not everyone is able to get married. Perhaps you are not free to marry at the moment, perhaps you have just had a child but do not want to enter into a legal relationship, the reasons matter only to the two of you.

Whatever your circumstances, you may still want an occasion where you can  declare your commitment to each other in front of family and friends. You may want to exchange rings, or other gifts, to mark your love, and perhaps to make promises to each other.

A decision to make a public declaration of commitment can be enhanced by a celebrant-led ceremony. I will work with you to design a ceremony that reflects your relationship and that you feel is appropriate to your circumstances.

If this sounds like something that would interest you, then please contact me to discuss your requirements or ideas, and my fees.

The fee for the Commitment Ceremony also includes the cost of a souvenir certificate.

Please note: A non-returnable deposit is payable on booking.

The balance will be due 4 weeks before your ceremony and before I deliver the draft script

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