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  • We are not religious but religion was important in our relative's early life. We don't know what to do. Can you help?

As a civil celebrant I can help you to include religion in a ceremony. The balance of the secular and the religious, or the secular and the spiritual. is entirely a matter of choice for you. It is my role to help you to find a balance that reflects and captures the essence of your loved one. 

  • We are struggling to afford a funeral. How can you help?

There are several ways of making funerals less costly. Contact me, and I can help you think through your options.

  • Can we conduct our own funeral ceremony?

Certainly. I can help you to construct a respectful and professional script that you can deliver yourselves. There are other organisations that can also help. Please contact me to discuss your ideas, or consider contacting the Natural Death Centre, it has a very helpful website.


  • My relative didn't really want a funeral, just to be scattered in their favourite place. What can we do?

It is possible to have a 'direct cremation', that is a cremation without a ceremony. There are several companies that offer this service, or it can be arranged by your chosen funeral director. I can help you look for a local company and create a ceremony for the Scattering if this would be helpful. I can discuss this option with you if you are interested, or you can speak with a funeral director.

Any other questions, please get in touch to ask!

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