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FAQs Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies

  • How old are children when you have naming ceremonies?

Children can be 'named' or 'welcomed' at any age. For babies, they are often 4-6 months old. Many parents wait for the child's first birthday and combine a birthday and Naming Celebration. Others use their own wedding anniversary as a significant date. It is really up to you.

  • What are 'supporting adults'?

These are adults who promise to be involved with the life of the child throughout its life. It is a more modern and secular version of the traditional 'godparent' role. Some families prefer to use the term godparent in a non-religious way as the phrase is so well known, and widely understood. Please be aware that there is no legal status to the supporting adult role; these are not legal guardians and so use of 'guardian' as a title should be avoided unless legal arrangements have been made.

  • How can I  combine a Naming and Couples Ceremony?

There is no reason why not, it very much depends on the two ceremonies and what you want to achieve. Often a small break between the ceremonies can help to mark their difference, or you may wish to blend them more seamlessly. Again, it is up to you. If you would like to explore combining ceremonies we can talk through the implications of different arrangements.

  • Can I have the naming ceremony at home?

Absolutely! Your own home can provide a very familiar and intimate space for a naming ceremony. You do need to think through the practicalities carefully and, if you decide to go ahead with a ceremony, I am happy to visit to discuss the practicalities with you.

  • How do you manage a lot of small children at a ceremony?

There is no doubt that this can be a challenge! One way to manage children is to involve them in the ceremony in some way, I can make suggestions about this if you would like some ideas.
Depending on the numbers and ages of the children, who are likely to attend, it might be an idea to arrange for someone to supervise them, during the ceremony, with a video or an 'Easter egg' hunt in the garden. Or you might be able to set up a corner of a room with colouring books and soft toys. This is part of planning the celebration, and I can help you to think it through.

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