* Cost includes travel up to 40 miles from Barnard Castle.

   There is a charge of 45p per mile beyond this.

Scattering of Ashes

Following  a cremation a family can be left with ashes. Some people choose to keep the ashes, perhaps placing them in a special container in their garden. Others prefer to scatter them, sometimes in more than one location.


A scattering is often a very intimate affair. I can prepare and conduct a ceremony in a formal garden of remembrance, in your home, or at a place that was special to your or to the person who has died.

If I conducted the funeral for you, then there is no additional cost involved. If I am only conducting the Scattering Ceremony then I charge £50*.

I will meet with you to discuss what you would like and prepare a draft ceremony. This will often contain elements of the actual Funeral Ceremony, perhaps a favourite poem or prayer. Once you have approved the draft and the ceremony has been conducted, I will prepare a souvenir script for you to keep.

To discuss a Scattering of Ashes Ceremony, please contact me.